So-called benefits of global warming in Greenland

This morning I’ve found a short news about the benefits of global warming in Greenland. Just some thoughts:

– Is it right to say that human usually earn more benefits in hotter places? If yes then we, with our current technology, may have the tendency to exacerbate the global warming? And why not do the opposite way – develop technology for earning benefits in cold?

– The writing implies that the climactic transformation is because of the winter solstice, no anthropogenic climate change mentioned. So the word “global warming” does not seem to be appropriate here.  It should just be “climate transformation”.

Making fuel from thin air – a good news for the earth

I’ve heard about the idea from Bjorn Lomborg before, but this is from Princeton University’s lab:

Making fuel from thin air – ABC

Hope the potential can become reality. However, I’ve just got a concern about what the “recyclable fuel” will produce when it burns. If it also produces CO2 (which is likely to be so), then according to the Law of Conservation of Energy, we must use a lot of energy to create the “recyclable fuel”.

In physics, the law of conservation of energy states that “the total amount of energy in an isolated system remains constant” (Physics theory)

To follow the researches, let us keep in touch with Yale Environment 360.

P/S: Happy birthday to Queen Elizabeth!