La Trobe Uni’s sustainability report

La Trobe is yet a role model, but the uni seems to have a right approach here. Just a result, sustainability report 2010 – Responsible Futures – is awarded for “Best First Time Report” by ACCA and Royal Society in London.

Plenty of notes from the report such as eco-friendly attitude 90%; 25% general waste recycle, etc, should be appropriately put around the uni. I saw they did so at ANU and that really helps with raising students’ pride on the uni as well as their environmentally friendly attitude.

2010:  Responsible Futures

2011:  Creating Futures

Bonus: A comprehensive document by UN on Sustainability

Arctic Ocean is holding a methane bomb?

and it’s melting!

They found concentrations of the gas close to the ocean surface, especially in areas where sea ice had cracked or broken up.

As we should know, methane is 20 times more powerful than carbon dioxin in terms of trapping solar heat. This is a pretty worrying news for the earth. Let us keep a wary eye on it.

Update down the track:

The independence Exclusive: The methane time bomb

Scientific American: Defusing the Methane greenhouse time bomb

What we planed to do and what we have done

I don’t need to say anything about the difference, you all have yourself plenty of examples. Just want to show this photo as an impressive and humorous way to address that. Perhaps I will use it in my coming presentation.

100 million trees were to be planted in Indonesia under an Australian carbon-reduction scheme. Five years on, only 50,000 seedlings are in the ground.

A first lesson for new learners, and “educators”

Yes, I’d like to tell my students about Ideas and Opinions by Albert Einstein as to start the first class of each semester. It is such an condensed inspiration for all of us.

If you don’t have time, and…

…you are a student, just read “TEACHERS AND PUPILS”, pp56

…you are a teacher, just read “EDUCATION AND EDUCATORS”, pp56

Then I suppose you will find yourself more time afterwards

Thanks Vietnamnet for introducing such a great spirit.

A bonus for “lazy” readers: