Should Australia become world’s nuclear waste dump?

This plan was initiated by John Howard and George W. Bush in 2009 and now is being supported by Alexander Downer of the Liberal Party. For the enormous economic benefit, more and more people back the plan. I personally go for the other way, because of 4 reasons:

1/ Since you have “imported” the waste, there is no way to return it back, meaning high irreversibility .

2/ The nuclear “waste” will remain radioactive for thousands of years. For such a long time, the risk of leaking out is high.

3/ Australia’s reputation is about an environmentally friendly and safe country. It is an ideal place for nature tourism and eco-tourism. You dont want visitors to think that now it is a dump and they have to watch out for any thing they drink or eat.

4/ An essential condition for a good nuclear waste dump is being dry, which WA is quite eligible for. However, it might be different in the next thousand years. Was it very dry in Queensland some decades ago too? and now? flooding in recent two years!! Imagine what happens if there is a flood of nuclear contaminated water flowing on the flat WA?

Those are what occurred straight away in my mind since I heard the news.


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