Climate Land Energy and Water Strategy (CLEWS)

Today I  attended a workshop on CLEWS model by Eduardo Zepeda and got to be a reluctant interpreter for the workshop (don’t get me wrong, it was really a pleasure 😜). I suppose this one is going to be popular soon, so let me save some materials here (CLEW 0). In addition, this could be an useful overview and this is a nice case study to start with.

Updated: There will be a series of training workshop on CLEW organized by Eduardo in 2017 and 2018. Here are the materials:

CLEW 1 – Oct 2017: Energy. A bonus: basic notes on GNU coding




While looking for an old document, I found some GAMS files which I got from Venice Summer School 2013. My passion for modelling recalled. Sadly, I dont have time for it now, just save them here for later look.

GAMS for environmental economic modelling and you can find more here.

Mathematical Programming System for General Equilibrium analysis (MPSGE) in GAMS by Thomas F. Rutherford

Dice manual 2013 by Williams Nordhaus