Another driver got caught, climate plan B and Bjorn is sneezing

We all learnt that three-fourths of the sea level rise is due to the expansion of being heated sea water and one-fourth is runoff from ice caps and melting glaciers (Bjorn Lomborg, 2008, pp289). Well, perhaps that statement needs to be corrected in the next edition. Increasing extracted ground water has recently been caught as another driver of sea level rise. Associating with the fact that 2.05 percent of all water on earth frozen in glaciers and 0.68 percent locked underground, the highest sea level could be higher than we thought.

Coincidentally, on the same day, I’ve found a writing considering white particles in air as a Climate Plan B. For this idea, Bjorn Lomborg and his Copenhagen Consensus Centre is still right and actually a bit far ahead of us. He named it as “cloud whitening research” and put it at the top rank since 2009.

Well, I reckon we should get updated with his work more frequently.

Update: regarding Climate Plan B, this is an interview on Geo-engineering with Karen Scott in June 2012. Basically we have two kinds of technique of mitigation: sequestrating (swallowing) GHGs and increasing reflexivity of the earth (2:30). And she supports the latter.