Higgs Boson – the God particle

I find that my memory is not as good as 5 years ago. Indeed, I had once done a little reading on Higgs boson and Big Bang experiment, but when the news on the successful experiment came 2 days ago,  I couldn’t understand it. So let me save some textbook knowledge here:

Firstly, the model of particle physics:

and the idea of different particles is summarized here (in Vietnamese) and here (in English)

Secondly, the big question of physics: Why do some particles have mass and others don’t? What makes the mass?

Higgs field helps us answer the question:

If you don’t like the clip, read this (Vietnamese) or this and this (English) to get the idea of Higgs field. And a super short clip.

Thirdly, is Peter Higgs right? If yes, how can we observe Higgs Boson?

It seems that he has been right as his theory of Higgs boson has been applied successfully in many calculations. However, we have not seen something like that until the recent experiment by CERN at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Let’s see how they do it:


finally we can “see” Higgs-like particles on 04 July 2012.

This is a nice video report by Sky News Australia on the work.

Still a lot of works to do as Mr Heuer stated, but for now we all can say Congratulations!