Cứ đi đi, rồi sẽ đến

“Cứ đi đi, rồi sẽ đến”, I’ve heard this saying long time ago in Vietnamese . Just now, It’s become a real inspiration to me. I would repeat it every day to myself until I finish all the conferences and the final thesis this year.

Not sure how you say it in English, but it means “keep going, you will arrive”. Guess there is a similar quote “Keep going sure it is grand”.

Stay young, stay moving

I was sitting so much recently that I could feel the ageing day by day. Since I get out and talk with people today, I’ve realised how far I have fallen behind. Well, if you want to be young, you’d better keep moving 🙂

P/S: If you always move, you’ll always be young. Check it out!