Sitting still is relative, moving is absolute

This saying is well-known. Presumably, you are considered staying still  relative to your car while you are driving, whereas, you are moving relative to the earth. Thus, sitting and  moving are defined according to a datum point.

However, I realise that moving is absolute regardless of the datum point you choose. If you use a precise enough ruler to measure the distance between two certain things,  that distance should be changing by a extremely small amount every moment. So nothing sits still in all dimensions!

We all know that time is just a dimension of space. Time doesn’t stand, either do space.

This could be generalized to explain the existence of multiverse.

I think the big thing is related closely to small things in atoms. Moreover, as time could become space and the reverse does hold, it should be possible to store a multiverse in small things like atoms. A multiverse could possibly originates in our small hands. If that is true,  circle is absolute.

P/S: I have been obsessed by the idea that we are just a copy of “real things”, and we are, the whole universe, on the surface of a black hole, just codes for duplicating “real things”. It seem reasonable as astronomers have been long time used the “codes” of stars to tell human’s future. It could be possible that the future has happened and saved in the orders of the stars.