Economic valuation methods and CE

Recently I have received many questions from students and research fellows on valuation methods and particularly on Choice Experiment. From searching for them, I realize that I myself don’t have proper learning materials for newbies. Thus, I will start collecting them here.

  1. TCM: (good sample exercise), its lecture note and some more exercises; Fast TCM by CBA builder (not accurate but fast)
  2. Wikipedia (don’t under-estimated it)
  3. ECON4910 in UiO. I found this particular lecture note worth reading, especially the NOAA on page 14.
  4. *NYU Stern’s material 1 and materials 2 and labs, data (or data 2) on CE
  5. List of materials on other valuation methods in Cornell Universtiy
  6. methods and cases
  7. Ecosystem valuation estimator in the Lower Mekong Basin by USAID; and more description here
  8. **APFNet’s course on ecosystem valuation, which links to plenty of valuable works (e.g. =>
  9. CVM: Start with this: Carson, R. T., & Hanemann, W. M. (2005). Contingent valuation. In Handbook of environmental economics (Vol. 2, pp. 821-936).FAO , John Bloomis, Randall* (or this), and the*
    Calculate WTP from  simple CVM1 (old method); simple CVM2 (abit more modern),and double-bounced CVM
  10. *Case studies of valuation method (great for making exercises)
  11. Phuong Duy Nguyen’s writing on the method, and many others