Climate change activities in Vietnam

This is a list of climate change activities in Vietnam up to 24/01/2011, provided by WB. If the link doesn’t work, the file could be found here.

List of AusAID’s climate change assistance to Vietnam (Current -2011 – and planned)

On going projects on Climate change response  in Mekong and Camau:

1/Integrated coastal and mangrove forest protection for climate change adaptation (KfW) (27/06/2012), part of this big project.

2/ Dike in West Sea of Ca Mau


4/ GIZ and AUSAID in one project CCCEP which is summarized here

5/ Protection mangrove rehabilitation by WB (1999-2007). Video, Summary

Statistic of Ca Mau:

1/ Statistic office of Ca Mau

2/ Nien giam thong ke CM2011

Cutting edge thinking about Ca Mau and Mekong Delta: