Open access libraries

Since I left Australia for working in Vietnam, I have always found myself frustrated not being able to access to online libraries. My university’s library is so out-of-date and not useful at all. Thus, I start listing open access online libraries here in the mean time. You are welcomed to add some more.

Springer open access

The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (with lots of free documents on the topics)

Library Genesis

OECD ilibrary – oecd2019-env – ilibrary2019

Databases and projects to keep track of in the Mekong delta

Some databases:

Some projects:

Books for library

Last month I was requested to suggest some “cutting edge” books to the library of National Economics University in Ha Noi. Well, I didn’t prepare for that so just could come up with several fine ones. Today I’ve found another but the deathline is past. So let’s save it here in case there is another chance.

1/ Risk and Precaution By Alan Randall (2011)

2/Economics by Michael Parkin (10th Ed 2011). Compulsory for Master of economics.

3/ The Academic Job Search Handbook by Mary Morris Heiberger and Julia Miller Vick. A similar but much shorter one is here.

4/ Source of ebook in Vietnamese is here.

5/ Climate Economics: Economic Analysis of Climate, Climate Change and Climate Policy by Richard Pol

6/ Trouble in the Making – The Future of Manufactoring-Led Development by WB. A brief Summary of it here.

7/ The Choice Modelling Approach to Environmental Valuation by Jeff Bennett and Russell Blamey

8/ Environmental Economics by Charles D. Kolstad

Databases of Vietnam

Recently I’ve struggled just to look for database on mangroves in Ca Mau Province of Vietnam. Thus I will create one for my own here:


Maps of world




WB and Climate change knowledge portal and Climate adaptation profile

EUCC (not much about Vietnam)

GHGs emission:

World Resources Institute

Vulnerability monitor:

Dara int


Prevention web (Great database that linked to all others). This web publishes the Global Assessment Report (GAR)

and desinventar (Ca Mau)

Risk map by Maplecroft (for thesis, indicate which are the main risks)


WB reports: (search for “Coastal wetlands protection, Vietnam” or “Mangrove Vietnam”)

Mangroves for the future

Climate change response:


Floods an disasters in Vietnam:

CCFSC (and other categories)

Weather database and simulation:

MarkSim GCM (Rainfall, Temperature, Radiation)


Wave, tide and wind:

Oceanweather , CYCLOPS

buoyweather (the premium is great)


Mangrove, dikes in Kien Giang


Climate change activities in Vietnam

This is a list of climate change activities in Vietnam up to 24/01/2011, provided by WB. If the link doesn’t work, the file could be found here.

List of AusAID’s climate change assistance to Vietnam (Current -2011 – and planned)

On going projects on Climate change response  in Mekong and Camau:

1/Integrated coastal and mangrove forest protection for climate change adaptation (KfW) (27/06/2012), part of this big project.

2/ Dike in West Sea of Ca Mau


4/ GIZ and AUSAID in one project CCCEP which is summarized here

5/ Protection mangrove rehabilitation by WB (1999-2007). Video, Summary

Statistic of Ca Mau:

1/ Statistic office of Ca Mau

2/ Nien giam thong ke CM2011

Cutting edge thinking about Ca Mau and Mekong Delta: