Conference materials

Conferences, meetings and seminars could produce lots of food for research and their materials are worth giving another look. So I think it is nice to save them here.

May 20160 Gender and DDR conference

IFS- SEARCA Aug2016 on Collaborative Research: Slides, Readings, related links (CCAFS climate, CCAFS climate analog, CCAFS big facts)

EEPSEA Aug2016 on Ecosystem Accounting: Slides, Exercises, Readings, related links (Environmental Accounting in practice – AUS, Phils)

NEU external seminar 07 Dec 2016: Mr Mai Trong Nhuan’s slides on COP 22 and Vietnam

iPFES Final workshop 27 Dec 2016: all materials

Consultative Workshop on project communication strategy (Project “Conservation of critical wetland protected areas and linked landscapes” on 04 April 2017: website and ICMP videos (success stories)

Workshops on System of Environmental Economics Accounting (SEEA)

Training Workshop on the SEEA 20-21 Aril 2017, where I  had a lecture on SEEA-W

APEC Food Security 19 Aug 2017 in Can Tho City (Invited but not attend)

14/07/2017 in Quang Binh – Hội thảo Lồng ghép thích ứng biến đổi khí hậu trong quá trình hoạch định chính sách (Invited but not attend)

21/08/2017 in Hanoi – Workshop on Solar PV development in Vietnam: recent trends and
emerging issues

22-23/08/2017 in Hilton, Hanoi – Regional Capacity Development Workshop on Emerging Carbon Market Mechanisms and a backup link

28-29/08/2017 in HCMC – Developing, Financing and Investing in Solar PV projects in LM countries

18-23/09/2017 in Tongji Uni – Asia-Pacific Leadership Programme on Environment for Sustainable Development.

30/11/2017 in Hanoi – SEU-HN Final workshop

12/07/2018 in Hanoi – Vietnam strategic foresight by Data61|CSIRO, Australian Government and MOST Vietnam

26-27/07/2018 in Hanoi – APEC Public-Private Dialogue On Green Investment Policy

21/09/2018 in Hanoi – Workshop “Scenarios for Vietnam digital economy in 2040” organised by the Vietnam Future Digital Project (a collaboration between MoST and Data 61|CSIRO)

01-05/11/2018 in Hanoi – 12th EfD annual conference – Policy Day on Market-based approaches for environment management. P/S: News on the conference.

10/01/2019 in Hanoi – Brief of COP24 by Mr. Pham Van Tan and the list of decisions

04/03/2019 in Hanoi – NEU External seminar on 1. Global Food Loss and Waste and the Context with Southeast Asian Examples (by Prof. Tony Shih-Hsun Hsu, Department of Agricultural Economics, National Taiwan University) and 2. The Effects of Climate Change on Agriculture, Risk, and Adaptation in Taiwan (by Prof. Ching-Cheng Chang, Department of Agricultural Economics, National Taiwan University)

17/04/2019 in Hanoi – Seminar on “Promoting the adoption of Circular Economy in Vietnam”

25-27/04/2019 in Hai Phong – Conference on “Enabling and engaging private sector through Public-Private Partnerships for Waste Management and Resource Recovery in Vietnam – Extended Producer Responsibility Regulation

07/05/2019 in Hanoi – Sweden Vietnam Summit 2019 on “Fostering sustainable living – building the cities of tomorrow“, including a noticeable presentation on the state of renewable energy in Vietnam

16/05/2019 in Hanoi – Seminar on “Multi-dimentional Country Review, proposing Vietnam’s development priorities during 2021-2030”

03-05/06/2019 World Circular Economy Forum 2019 in Helsinki. It was a great pity that I could not attend the forum this year because of some administrative issues. However, all noticable presentations are here (or here – permanent link).

24/07/2019 Circularity workshop in Ho Chi Minh City (sponsored by Heineken Vietnam)

14/08/2019 Workshop on “Urban Solid Waste Management Assisting the Development of a Circular Economy” in Hanoi, and the news

29/08/2019 Workshop on “Innovative and inclusive sustainable development for Vietnam” in Hanoi

06/09/2019 Workshop on “Human Resource, Technology and Innovation: Policy implication for Vietnam’s Socio Economic Development” in Hanoi

17-20/09/2019 Vietnam Renewable Energy Week in Hanoi. Permanent link is here

18/09/2019 Seminar on Energy Demand and Supply Outlook in the APEC region at NEU

20/09/2019 Consultation Workshop on the National Action Plan on Sustainable Consumption and Production (2020-2030) in Hanoi.

07/10/2019 Dialogue on Circular Economy “From international perspective to local development potential” organised by VCCI, SITRA and Embassy of Finland in Hanoi

05-06/12/2019 Workshop on Eco-industrial zone toward the circular economy organized by ISPONRE and HFS in vinh Phuc, Hanoi

14/01/2020 Seminar on Economic loss of air pollution and pollution reduction policies at NEU, Hanoi


Where to find postdoc positions and funding in my field

I subscribed to some active job-seeking sites but they keep sending me “deviated” job offers. Perhaps my field – environmental economics – is so easy to be confused with environmental science, law, ionospheric studies  or so? Or I failed to describe my targeted jobs specifically enough when registered. Fine, I will save some good sites here, for me to review once in a while and seek for my luck.

The International Society for Ecological Economics



Fulbright Canada Post-Doctoral Research Award at the University of Northern British Columbia

IDRC and Graduate study in Canada 2014

Canada Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Program



EAERE job market

International Unionof Forest Research Organizations


in AUS

Natural Resource Economist CSS-Dynamac (06 August 2014)

Assistant Teaching Professor/Non-Tenure Track -Missouri University (31st July)

 2015 SUSI for Scholars, deadline 15 Dec 2014

Climate change adaptation economist, deadline 18th Feb 2015

MIT-UTM in Malaysia and the US, deadline Feb 2017

NSWU and others

Chương trình học giả Fulbright Vietnam 2018


VUFO-NGO funding news

EEPSEA partners


IFS web (many other links included)





Cutting edge conferences on climate change

It would be a big mistake if I don’t archive some recent conferences here. Indeed, the science of climate change is so new that we could consider conference papers as a main source of reference. This list is updated on a continual basis.

Firstly, pages help update conference lists: AEAEEPSEABioecon, UNEP

Secondly, conferences that I attempt to go

16 and 17 June 2011: Climate Economics and Law Conference, University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland.

12-14 July 2011: Four degrees or more, Melbourne University, Melbourne, Australia. (Videos are available)

9-12 July 2012: 2012 World Conference on Natural Resource Modeling, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia (I was late for this one so please remind me next year).

18th June 2013: World Conference on Natural Resource Modeling (Deadline: April 15th 2013)

18-20 March 2013: 1st European Climate Change Adaptation Conference (Deadline 1rd 2013)

December: Annual PhD Conference in Economics and Business at The University of Western Australia’s Business School

5th June 2013: International Conference on Strategic Infrastructure Asset Management for Urban Deltas in Sydney (Deadline: 20 Feb 2013). Paper Formatting Guidelines

July 2013: ACE in Perth (Deadline 30 April 2013)

July 2013: EAERE Feem Summer School

November 2013: PhD conference at ANU

4 Feb 2014: AARES 2014  (Closing date for submission of papers and posters 14 Oct 2013)

The Pacific Trade and Development Conference (PAFTAD) (every 12-18 months)

24-26 September 2014: Deltas in Times of Climate Change II (deadline 15 March).

IRDR conferences 2014 I should not miss it next year. Anw, there are plenty of information on jobs, research and conferences on the webpage.

17th Annual BIOECON Conference Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Sustainability (Deadline 22rd May)

20 July 2015: Summer Academy on Economic Growth and Governance of Natural Resources – Moscow (Deadline 1stApril)

02-20 Nov 2015, EEPSEA’s three-week intensive course in environmental and resource economics (Deadline 15 Aug)




UNESCO Fellowship. Aim at one like this

ANU Post-doc and Uni jobs

2015 Fulbright for lecturers (Deadline 15 Oct)