Conference materials

Conferences, meetings and seminars could produce lots of food for research and their materials are worth giving another look. So I think it is nice to save them here.

IFS- SEARCA Aug2016 on Collaborative Research: Slides, Readings, related links (CCAFS climate, CCAFS climate analog, CCAFS big facts)

EEPSEA Aug2016 on Ecosystem Accounting: Slides, Exercises, Readings, related links (Environmental Accounting in practice – AUS, Phils)

NEU external seminar 07 Dec 2016: Mr Mai Trong Nhuan’s slides on COP 22 and Vietnam

iPFES Final workshop 27 Dec 2016: all materials

An editor

I’m still struggling with reviewing articles as an “online editor”. It is definitely not an easy job and you often have to do yourself a small research on that field to make sharp comments. And things even get more difficult after the first and second revision.

Therefore, this post will be used to store all suggestions that might help me improve my reviewing skill:

Firstly, the editors speak: what makes a good review