Cứ đi đi, rồi sẽ đến

“Cứ đi đi, rồi sẽ đến”, I’ve heard this saying long time ago in Vietnamese . Just now, It’s become a real inspiration to me. I would repeat it every day to myself until I finish all the conferences and the final thesis this year.

Not sure how you say it in English, but it means “keep going, you will arrive”. Guess there is a similar quote “Keep going sure it is grand”.

Stay young, stay moving

I was sitting so much recently that I could feel the ageing day by day. Since I get out and talk with people today, I’ve realised how far I have fallen behind. Well, if you want to be young, you’d better keep moving 🙂

P/S: If you always move, you’ll always be young. Check it out!

Home teaches me some lessons

Tomorrow is my last full day at home before I come back to the on-going painful research in Melbourne 😉 Within a month here, I have met many people and from any, I could always find a warm heart and a progressive spirit. That surprised me as Vietnam’s economy is in a so-considered hardest and most unstable condition since the last decade. Frankly, I can see more worrying faces than before. However, people here are becoming more creative, thoughtful and practical. Indeed, they actively think about what they really want to do and what they have to do to survive or to help their family survive. They almost waste no time on what is useless. They invest more on things of the future. Those are their children and education for their children. Even some sellers in cloths and mobile shops are sending their children oversea for studying. They are all looking up.

I don’t think they are optimistic, I feel that they are so strong at the edge.